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Metroplis public swimming pool

Metropolis pubic swimming pool will be open on Saturday 22ad August 2009. The open time is between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Admission will be free come to have fun.

Metropolis Water Safety

Summer is arrival, go to swim with your children is a good way to pastime. Every time in this season, swimming safety accidents happen from time to time. According to statistics, in swimming safety accidents, The average annual number of deaths is about thousand people in our country, most of them are children. It is important to all parents to take care of their children, guide them how to swim.

Our project

During the open day we will have first aid demonstrations,introductory learn-to-swim classes,demonstrions and watersafety products. All of these will make sure our children will have a good protection and let them away from the water safety accident. We also have entertainment for children, food and drinks will be aviable.

  • Metroplis swimming pool
  • 12 Elliot Road
  • Metropolis MT 5055
  • Phone: (09)5277 6104
  • Fax: (09)5277 9379
  • E-mail enquiries: